The Resurgence of the Province of Iloilo in the Devolution of Education to LGUS (Part 3 – Braving the Monster)

The Proof of Concept (POC) initiative chose the Province of Iloilo as a test case for this experimentation on the devolution of basic education to LGUs because of the province’s culture of innovation and its capacity to venture into new strategies and approaches for the improvement of the performance and quality of education. 

Iloilo plays its battle where the expectation is for all players to be open and ready to fight and brave the monsters, so to speak, in terms of the big tasks ahead of them. 

Clearly, the POC is anchored on the strength of its capacity-building activities for teachers, parents, and the leadership of the Local School Boards (LSBs) and thus emphasized as critical and necessary for the betterment of readers, particularly from the Grade 3 level, in the province. 

Synergeia’s Dr. Milwida Guevara noted that the empowerment of LSBs towards increasing its role in policy formulation is a key consideration in this innovation exercise and provides a new way of thinking in transforming how basic education is presently approached.

In the organizational and planning meeting of the POC in Iloilo City, the participants, composed of 11 LGUs, the DepEd, the DILG, and the LSBs, expressed their passion and desire to work together, mindful that when they brave the monsters and win, the Province of Iloilo concludes the experimentation with a constructive validation of devolution of education to LGUs as the best way to go and emerges as the model economy which may stoke the fire for an enabling legislation for its adoption by the entire LGU network. 

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