Our Programmes are aimed at transforming our leaders, institutions and communities as sustainable partners toward bringing governance and education together through our 6 Rs:

Reinventing Local School Boards

The transformation of Local School Boards is at the core of Synergeia’s programs. Following the Jesse Robredo model, LSBs should model participatory, effective, and empowering governance in education. We build LSBs’ capacities to be inclusive and strategic in planning, and to move their plans into action. ... We discuss effective management of the Special Education Fund and how education data can enrich plans and programs. We link them with peers through Regional Education Councils where they learn about best practices, solutions and lessons. We help them organize education summits, a call to action of stakeholders as they agree on community-based solutions to improve the learning performance of children.

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Rebuilding Learning Communities through Functional School Governing Councils

Parents, barangay officials, teachers, businessmen, non-government organizations, senior citizens, the religious, youth and anybody who can devote time and self ... in improving the education of children are welcome to be part of the SGC. Our SGC workshops start with a discussion of the state of education and often, they are shocked to see poor achievement scores or a number of nonreaders among their children. This moves SGCs to take action. They learn about their role and functions, organizing functional SGCs, how they can help craft School Improvement Plans and participate in formulating school policies and programs. They learn to prepare an action plan, complete with a simple budget and sustainability feature. In more advanced LGUs, we guide SGCs on how to do bottom-up budgeting and prepare a project proposal for funding by the LSB.

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Retooling Teachers to Make the World a Better Place

We conduct a number of teacher trainings and one of these is a “Training on Reading Remediation Skills” for teachers ... who handle reading classes for struggling readers. We provide new techniques to develop phonemic awareness in children. We progress to techniques in teaching spelling, comprehension and thinking skills using story reading. Teachers practice reading with poems, rhymes and stories that we provide in their teacher’s manual. They have role-playing exercises and workshops producing teaching materials. Our “Workshop with Principals” is demand-driven. We discuss the needs of principals and deliver the appropriate learning modules. In Marawi, we provide principals with training on school management, leadership values, reading remediation techniques, better communication skills and generating community support. To prepare for modular distance learning this school year, we hold a webinar-type “WriteShop on Developing Remote Learning Modules.” Teachers are guided on how to write modules in reading, math and good manners and right conduct. The learning modules are intended for remediation and enrichment, to supplement the modules which the Department of Education will come up with on the different ‘most essential learning competencies.

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Reshaping Nanay-Tatay As Teachers

We deliver different parenting workshops depending on the needs of the LGU. We conduct “Nanay-Tatay Teacher” Workshops to build ... the capacities of parents to support the improved learning skills of their children. We teach parents to inculcate positive attitudes in their children including love for studying and love for reading. We guide them on how they can participate in School Governing Councils and be more active in school activities of their children. A special workshop is conducted by Fr. Michael McGuire, Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, on “Being a good parent means being a good teacher.” He teaches parents to recognize ‘teachable moments’ and use the ‘language of virtues’ with their children. Parents learn how to set clear boundaries and at the same time, to moderate their behavioural controls on their children. “Ako’y Isang Mabuting Magulang” Workshop aims to make parents good role models for their children. Parents start with a self-reflection exercise followed by a short sharing session on their parenting practices and experiences. There are sessions on understanding the rights of children, and on gender equality and sensitivity. Parents have exercises on positive discipline and developing good manners and right conduct so their children can grow up to be good citizens. We help parents deliver education in the new normal. We run a webinar entitled “Nanay-tatay-ate-kuya-tito-tita-lolo-lola Lahat Sila Teachers” Program online and in parallel, developed a parents’ manual that we share with LGUs. We teach parents techniques on how children can learn best such as setting rules, enriching their comprehension skills, through motivation and constant review of lessons, and recognizing that children have different skills and learning styles. We hold “Pandemic Awareness” Workshops to brief parents on the covid 19 pandemic and health care practices to follow. Parents were taught practical ways to cope with the pandemic such as making an anti-viral solution using zonrox and water which they can use to clean and disinfect surfaces. They also learn how to make simple do-it-yourself (DIY) face masks. We teach simple skills in our “Livelihood Training” for parents of out-of-school children. Mothers and fathers learn haircutting and therapeutic massage. In addition, mothers are taught make-up and manicure-pedicure skills. Parents can apply the livelihood skills they learn to earn income for their families and enable them to send their children to school.

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Restoring Trust and Capacities of Asatidz and Imams

We hold capacity building workshops on learning English, developing interactive pedagogical skills and developing lesson plans on values with Imams ... and asatidz. We hold community fellowship workshops with them to build trust and partnerships and toward the promotion of peace.

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Reinforcing Strengths and Capacities of Children

Ultimately, we make education work because we love our children forever. We assist LSBs organize their summer reading camps. We ... hold “Leadership Training” for students and teach them about peace and gender equality. We conduct arts and music workshops, sports and values formation, and dance for peace workshops for children. Our workshops aim to develop love for country and family, love for Filipino culture, sportsmanship and camaraderie.

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Whether as an individual or an institution, you can make a difference on our children’s future.