About Us

Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is to transform leaders, institutions and communities to bring together effective and efficient governance and sustainable improvement of education performance and capabilities.

Our mission is to deliver successful transformations of leaders, institutions and communities by building their capacities for strategic thinking, execution and leadership to address governance and education challenges and issues with long-term and beneficial solutions and outcomes.

What We Do


Our work in educational governance system spans every level from municipalities to cities to national government. We work with policy-makers, local leaders, national and local agencies and institutions, communities at the grassroot level, and private sector partners to help them transform how they think, organize, facilitate, mobilize and execute change for improved governance, leadership and collective action.

Specifically, we help them through our 5Cs Transformation Programme:

  1. Core Strategy: Setting a vision for strategic and sustainable outcomes, developing a framework for strategic planning and its execution, building monitoring and evaluation process and methodology from design to implementation, creating governance structure and performance management system, and strengthening resource mobilization, including budget development and financing.
  2. Creative Solution Ideation: Developing design thinking to understand and respond to stakeholder problems, issues and needs, designing and running innovation programs, covering capabilities, framework and governance, to deliver more future-proofed results.
  3. Capacity and Culture-building: Build capacity for winning leadership, governance and change management to create sustainable competitive advantage.
  4. Comprehensive Intelligence: Conduct of economic research, feasibility studies, market studies, surveys, data and analytics and risk management studies to drive optimal strategies and outcomes.

We also develop project proposals, from design to execution, including budgets, covering a diverse range of themes, for varying donors, local or international.

We also develop position papers on policies, legislations and other emerging issues which will have a social and economic impact to a wide stakeholder spectrum, including local communities, institutions and private sector.

  1. Communication innovations: Developing and implementing a multi-channel and broad-based communication plan to deliver information to specific audience, increase awareness, boost credibility and reputation and solidify brand identity and reach. Our expertise in StoryTelling creates value-adding advantage to draw better understanding of strategic messaging and support to particular communication objectives.
  2. Cutting-edge Execution. Undertake project management, including organization and mobilization of resources and monitoring and evaluation of outcomes.