The MEKA campaign during the 13th Washington SyCip National Education Summit


Meka is Synergeia’s drumbeat for transformation of leaders, institutions, and communities.

Meka defines Synergeia’s deep commitment to a unified movement for transformation that brings good governance and education together.

Meka articulates and amplifies the distinct value system and culture embedded in Synergeia's core vision and education together.

Meka is Synergeia’s story of transformation of leaders, institutions and communities which create, propogate and nurture values of:

  • Relevance - MEKAbuluhan
  • Knowledge - MEKAtalinuhan
  • Discovery - MEKAtanungan
  • Brilliance - MEKAgalingan

Meka Stories of Transformation


7 June 2021

SGEG Pledge Batch 2

28 May 2021

NES BTS & Blooper Reel

9 April 2021

POA Visayas

8 April 2021

POA Central Luzon


Whether as an individual or an institution, you can make a difference on our children’s future.