GMRC for the Win

Congressman Romulo explaining his GMRC bill before Pasig City teachers in a reading workshop last February
Sherwin Gatchalian, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Basic Education, during a consultation forum with stakeholders on proposed K-tp-12 amendments.

It is a win for all with the signing into law of the Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC) Act – for children, for families, for society, for country.  And we are grateful to Congressman Roman Romulo and Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, both part of the Synergeia family, for nurturing the proposal in Congress until it became a law.    

Education in the Midst of Crisis: A Teacher’s Initiative for Continuation

It is no question that this pandemic has caused major setbacks in our daily lives and especially with education. What can one do for education in the middle of a pandemic with little options for learning? This is certainly the question that has been bothering schools, teachers, and students. Some would wait to be given an answer but not Principal Rogie Espulagar. This devoted and passionate teacher and principal from Bacjawan Elementary School, Iloilo made a way to continue education amidst this pandemic. He came up with a ‘school learning continuity plan.’ This plan aims to provide assistance and support to learners in embracing the new normal. But why did he go through this tremendous effort? He said that he has always believed in the power of education, how it can transform one to be a better person, and give opportunities to broaden one’s horizon. He sees education as the best tool to combat poverty and he believes everybody deserves quality education. He has a passion to help and educate people and sees this as his mission.