Can teachers free our children?

17 June 2024

A two part series on Teachers’ Training in Iloilo under the Proof of Concept initiative on the devolution of basic education to  LGUs.

Part I. PS I Love You

As the children were leaving school, a teacher found a letter left on her desk. She opened it and felt awed and touched by what she read:

My dear teacher,

Thank you for all that you do for us. You have been so patient and understanding of us. We learn a lot from you everyday. Honestly, you are our idol. May God bless you!

PS. I love you.

Your pupil, Juan

In our society, our teachers are seen as very important people whom parents rely on for their children’s learning and education.

In fact, we celebrate our teachers’ contributions to our country’s education goals and its desired brighter future for this generation and the next.

Teachers are perceived as miracle workers who create a world of wonder where our children are freed from ignorance, poverty of knowledge, inequality and inequity, failures in reading and literacy and a dismal quality of life.

In a training workshop conducted by Synergeia under the Proof of Concept initiative on the devolution of basic education to  LGUs, many teachers from  12  Local Governments of  Iloilo, trooped to the venue with a heart and commitment to enable all grade three students to read well by  the end of  SY 2024-2025. Another miracle in the making?

The teachers expressed that  the concept of “miracle workers” raises some key beliefs and attributes that they will need to have or already have like:

◆ The role of teachers  is  crucial to the success of the school;

◆ Teachers  lay the foundation for learners  to become literate and  good citizens;

◆ Teachers serve  as  role models  to his/her  learners;

◆ Teachers must take care  of themselves – physically, emotionally and spiritually for when they feel good,  they will manifest these to their learners  and  co-teachers;

◆ Teachers must not stop or get tired of learning, of embracing change, of adapting new paradigms, of creating and  innovating;

◆ Teachers must be good actors  and be animated  to catch the attention of  learners;

◆ Teachers must not lose sight  of their mission to improve  the lives  of  children;

◆ Teachers  should share their  best practices  and  always  collaborate;  work as a team and  develop camaraderie;

◆ Teachers must regularly  consult  with parents about their children and find ways to address weaknesses  and harness the talents  of  children;

◆ It is crucial to focus on data  organization  and presentation in  interpreting  learners’ performance and  test  how effective learning interventions are;

◆ There is a need to have a good heart to better understand  learners’ struggles  and  challenges; and

◆ Teaching is an art.

Indeed, teaching children how to read and read well is an art.

In Synergeia’s roadmap for capacity building in reading and teaching reading, there is strong emphasis on the art of teaching sounds and blending, word recognition, of storytelling and other creativity tools, of comprehension and higher order learning, of appreciation of arts, history and culture and developing total personal well-being to perform better as teachers-miracle workers.

Part II. PS, I will make you read.

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