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is a coalition of individuals, institutions, and organizations working to improve the quality of basic education.
Synergeia: (see-ner-hee-yuh) Greek, n. a union of forces whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We implement programs to improve basic education for nearly 1.5 million schoolchildren in 250 municipalities in the Philippines. We engage local governments, socio-civic groups, schools, teachers, parents, and students to work together in upgrading basic education.

Save a Filipino child from a lifetime of ignorance!

Every peso counts. No contribution is too small, whether skills or monetary.


Your support of Synergeia since 2003 has helped:

Jesse Robredo’s Governance in Education

Sec. Jesse RobredoSecretary Jesse M. Robredo changed mindset, processes and values in the way public education is delivered.  He made the system “bottom-up, transparent and  participatory”.  He emphasized the importance of measuring performance so that schools and public officials can be accountable to the people.  He “Reinvented Local School Boards”, expanded their functions, and broadened their membership.  He believed that people should be consulted on  how budget should be spent.  He exacted efficiency and honesty in public spending.  He held school summits shocking parents on the poor learning  performance of children.  At the same time, he challenged them to work with him in providing them  with the best education.

Read more about Secretary Jesse M. Robredo's Governance in Education


Latest News

Valenzuela City Government enables all children to read through a “Reading Camp”

Watch how Valenzuela City Government enables all children to read through a “Reading Camp”.  Those who are interested to adopt a reading camp can work with Synergeia Foundation and the Valenzuela Local School Board.

Mid-Assessment of the EdGE ‘s Impact Shows Promising Improvements

Synergeia has recently concluded our initial mid-assessment of the impact of Education for Governance Effectiveness (EdGE), a program that USAID is supporting.  We are happy to note that the program has very positive outcomes:


USAID's Post-Disaster Assistance Inspires Island Community to Support Education

"I have a bag! I have a bag!" Second-grader Calasara Hodlero declared loudly as she came home from school. Calasara's grandmother, Nimfa Hodlero recalls how excited her 7-year old granddaughter was the day she received the new bag from USAID that comes with an English workbook and various school supplies. Calasara is one of about 35,000 pupils in the Visayas Region who received learning materials as part of the post-disaster aid component of USAID's Education Governance Effectiveness (EdGE) Program implemented by Synergeia Foundation.


Community Incentive Grant Brings Better Learning Conditions to Island School

The expressions on the children's faces said it all the moment the breeze from the electric fan swept their faces. Thanks to the solar panel donated by USAID through Synergeia Foundation, the school can finally use electric fans and children no longer have to suffer from extreme heat inside the classroom. "They can now focus on their studies instead of spending their time fanning themselves," says teacher-in-charge Luna Aresto.


Post-Yolanda Aid Reaches Remotest Town in the Mountains of Iloilo

July 2015 - 8-year old Reinan and 6-year old Reinald Bernil emerge from their home through a rickety bamboo-slatted gate at noon. They proceed to walk uphill to school about a mile away. The brothers, Grades 2 and 3,  each wear a blue backpack containing an English workbook and school supplies, all provided by USAID through Synergeia Foundation under the post-disaster assistance package extended to victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that hit the Visayas region late 2013.


ARMM's Two Power Women Champion Education in Lanao Sur

When Lanao Sur Mayors Raysalam Mangondato of Balindong and Nashiba Sumagayan of Taraka took the Synergeia team to visit public elementary schools in their respective municipalities, I did not quite know what to expect. I knew on paper about the initiatives they have been undertaking. I did not know the extent of the problems they have to address as local chief executives. And yet I found these two women to be the embodiment of grace under pressure not only as mayors but as women within a predominantly Muslim community doing their best to shepherd their poverty-stricken constituents toward a better future. It is a testament to their clear vision and firm resolve that Taraka and Balindong are slowly but surely making its way up, even as they attest that their partnership with Synergeia Foundation, USAID and other donors helped a lot in their governance.