Part 1: Hope In The Meeting of Minds and Hearts

17 April 2024

Imagine Iligan, the City known for its ” Refreshing Waterfalls”  brimming with energy during its inaugural Education Summit.  Under the leadership of Mayor Frederick Siao, this landmark gathering brought together over 300 individuals from diverse backgrounds, each with a unique story to share and a dream to nurture. 

It was a picture of hope in the meeting of minds and hearts for a better quality of life in this awesome city in Mindanao. 

The summit opened with a detailed presentation by Mayor Siao himself. He unveiled the education data of the city. He highlighted key challenges such as the National Achievement Test (NAT) results and the persistent struggle with reading comprehension among students.

As the summit unfolded, the participants confronted the stark realities impacting education in Iligan. Discussions deepened into the challenges students face with NAT scores and the ongoing battle with effective reading strategies. Stories emerged, painting a narrative of hurdles like limited parental involvement, the call for empowering teacher training, poor nutrition among students , lack of school personnel and reading resources.

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