Marantao, ano daw?

25 April 2024

A 3-part series on the Marantao Solid Waste Management Training Workshop 

Part 1: Gusto Namin

Marantao, is a Malay word that means “to embark on a new adventure.”

Any adventure calls for a certain breed of people who are willing to explore, take risks and have fun.

True enough, the Municipality of Marantao is home to people who have eyes for new and bold undertakings and the heart for transformative experiences.

This was clearly reflected in the manner by which a community was prompted to act on the triggers for change in their waste management practices and consequently was motivated to be part of a larger vision to create cleaner and greener Marantao.

To respond to the triggers for change means the community is ready to put itself at the center of the problems and challenges and say “Gusto namin makibahagi sa solusyon!”

Marantao is facing several challenges in its waste management system, such as: nearly a thousand tons of waste generated annually, the perennial lack of waste management facilities, and the growing danger of waste flowing into Lanao Lake.

And to its advantage, inspired by their faith and the Quranic verse “Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves” (Quran 2:222)”,  ninety eager participants wholeheartedly embarked on this new adventure where they talked about these triggers and their resolve to take action through this training workshop conducted by  Synergeia, the CocaCola Foundation and the local government of Marantao on Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS).

The goal of this partnership initiative is to empower community members with the skills to collect accurate waste data and develop effective waste reduction plans tailored to Marantao’s needs. 

Part 2: Kaya Namin

The community of Marantao showed that real empowerment comes from the people themselves to accept, not resist,  the need for change and to act, not react, on a lingering and potentially dangerous situation arising from inappropriate waste management behavior.

In the two day training workshop, utllizing games,  interactive sessions, and hands-on experiences in waste management,  the ninety Marantao adventurers and solution seekers, learned how to segregate waste into different categories, gaining insights into the composition of waste in their community. They also acquired practical skills in weighing collected waste and calculating percentages, essential for understanding the waste stream’s dynamics.

The training had a profound impact on the participants. They learned about waste segregation, measurement, and analysis and gained a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainable waste management. 

With this knowledge, they are now ready to establish Barangay WACS teams to gather data from different areas within the community. Under the guidance of the Municipal Environment Officer, these teams will present their findings at the upcoming Environment Summit, showcasing Marantao’s commitment to sustainable practices. The WACS Training equipped participants with practical skills and instilled a sense of ownership and responsibility toward waste management, laying the foundation for a cleaner and greener Marantao.

“Kaya Namin” seemed to echo in the training hall, amplifying a positive and assuring voice from the community of Marantao that change ia indeed coming. 

Part 3: Şama-sama Tayo

Encouraged by Mayor Akira Alonto’s presence and support during the workshop, the participants have begun forming their Barangay WACS teams. They have started to apply their knowledge and take action by gathering precise waste data and crafting tailored reduction plans.

“Şama-sama tayo” filled the spirits of the people of Marantao, enriched by its local leadership which believes in the capacity of its people to work together and help transform its community towards a cleaner, greener and environmentally sustainable haven in Lanao del Sür. 

Truly,  the task ahead of them is not easy. Yet, armed with faith, relentless spirit, and the determination to make things right, Marantao absolutely gives  a new meaning to adventure and change.

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