16 August 2014

On the days that Secretary’s plane perished, we were feverishly beating the deadline to submit a grant proposal for a USAID competition on education governance. But it became a futile exercise because we were crying and praying, and crying and praying.’ And then, it dawned on us that we only had to write about his life and his work with children. Synergeia had the great fortune of witnessing, partnering, and being mentored by him on how to reinvent Local School Boards and how Mayors and Governors can be inspired by his example. Without any effort, we based our proposal on his work with Synergeia. Governor Lito added, “let us all pray for Jesse’s intercession.”

We received our first miracle from St. Jesse when USAID announced that we won. It was with the grace of God and with the intercession of Sec. Jesse.

Like you, We miss him so much and we wish he were here. But his passing away to a new life should not end in sadness. He left us a great legacy. He left us a great life. He was our great inspiration.’ He was our great Leader.

In Honor of Secretary Jesse, we are committed to make his work on education governance a national movement.’ We will use his examples to make the work of Local School Boards transparent, collaborative, and effective.’ On his last meeting with Synergeia mayors, he spoke to them as if they were his disciples. ‘Go around schools.’ Understand your own terrain and adopt solutions.’ Ang dulo, makatapos ang lahat ng bata at maging marunong siya.’ Isama ninyo ang pamayanan.’ Mas maganda na pinagkakasunduan ang ating programa. Hindi ito pang-mabilisan. Kailangang pagtiyagaan. Ang mahalaga, maalala kayo na kayo ang nag-umpisa.

Our dearest Mayor and Secretary Jesse, you started this movement, and we give you our promise that we will carry out your mission in education governance. And just like you, we will try to pursue this work with excellence, with honor, and in the service of God and country.

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