Mentoring the Mentors of Teachers

13 March 2013

Two days in March (March 5-6) were dedicated to the 24 school administrators and head teachers of elementary and secondary schools in Mamburao. They temporarily set aside the everyday demands and pressures of work to listen, interact and learn during the Administrators’ Training.


The speaker, Dr. Antonio Torralba, was already a friend to most of the participants as this was the fourth activity he has facilitated in the municipality. Once again the PPSTA Building, where the mentors gathered, echoed with laughter during Dr. Torralba’s talk. The participants related well with his examples of real life challenges. They realized that these challenges were in fact opportunities that can make them into better persons. They were pleased to learn practical ways on dealing with stress and managing their time. They also had workshops with Dr. Torralba on their leadership styles and personal relationships with teachers.

As a strong believer of education as a key factor in providing a good future to the children, Mayor Anthony Villarosa encouraged the participants to be inspiring and treat their students with love and patience.

In closing, sophomore students from Mamburao National High School moved the hearts of the participants with an essay and a poem. The students expressed their love and appreciation of their teachers and school heads with a prayer that they would not give up on them despite the occasional lapses in their behaviour.

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