Del Carmen shows how to achieve education targets

4 December 2012

Mayor Alfredo Coro has all the reasons to be jubilant. Del Carmen has a zero dropout rate among children from elementary schools. The average score of children in the National Achievement Test in 2011 has breached the 80 percent level, making Del Carmen one of the best performers in the country.

Principals and teachers of Del Carmen actively participated in the workshops during their training last November 20.

The Mayor and the school board have been relentless in engaging parents and community leaders in supporting a good education for children. Basic infrastructure such as school buildings, libraries, toilet facilities, and learning resource centers have been provided with the support of donors.

For four consecutive days this November, education stakeholders of Del Carmen participated in a series of training and planning workshops to deepen their education program. Teachers underwent training on developing thinking skills through math with Prof. Genesis Camarista. Principals had workshops on mentoring and building teamwork with Synergeia President, Dr. Nene Guevara. Synergeia’s Program Officers, Edwin Nacionales and Doc Estoy Malvas, worked with barangay captains in reviewing their programs and how they can be strengthened.

Del Carmen proves that nothing is impossible as long as people dream and work together. But, it helps to have an outstanding Local Chief Executive such as Mayor Coro.

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