ACT 3: Teachers Are Our Heroes 

7 March 2024

The Proof of Concept (POC) initiative, with the Province of Iloilo as the lead actor in the devolution of basic education to LGUs, hit the ground running in three noble ACTs enabled by Synergeia’s Kickstarter training workshops for the main performers- LSBs, principals and teachers. The core objectives of these workshops are to find out what issues and challenges we face and what should be done to obtain our bottom line of having all Grade 3 students read during the School Year 2024-2025.

There is this one quote that says, “‘If you have to put someone on a pedestal, it must be a teacher. Our teachers are our heroes in today’s society.”

What is a hero?

By definition, a hero is “a person who demonstrates an utmost commitment to their morals, no matter the obstacle or consequence. Heroes are venerated in stories for possessing extraordinary abilities, such as exceptional strength, intelligence, or fortitude.”

Thirty teachers from Iloilo province gathered in an insighting workshop which probed into their heroism, their struggles, their triumphs and failures in their mission to uplift our children and enable a brighter future through quality education.

In a bold and honest embrace of their challenging circumstances, these teachers pointed out they are battling with many issues like:

a. Innovative teaching  is being stymied by their inability to think outside the box because of mandated structured curriculum and methods;

b. Learning is affected by an unsupportive ecosystem which includes situational factors like poverty, poor health, lack of learning and instructional materials, and weak parental guidance; and

c. Reading is not the core teaching skill of teachers.

With heroism comes specific capacities to overcome adversity and demonstrate passion, excellence and the power to transform the learning and education of our children.

These teachers saw that they need to be HANDA as their strategy map to become more of the heroes that they are:

H- ave improved skills to teach reading in a more creative and engaging way.  The application of Gradual Psychological Unfolding approach which uses story telling  and other creative modes of learning  can be an effective way to encourage reading, participation and engagement. 

A- ddress data and information gaps which can be used as basis for monitoring, assessing and evaluating learning performance issues and interventions like profiling of students/learners, identification of children’s needs and reading levels and localized competency-based assessment tools

N -eed to have skills to teach sounds properly, to write better, and to focus clearly on one learning objective at a time.

D- evelop children’s critical thinking through the proper art of questioning, probing and analyzing.

A- dministrative, organizational and technical support to make teachers do their mission more efficiently and effectively like:

a. Ensuring proper placement or assignment of teachers depending on their core specializations;

b. Enabling teachers to have time to monitor and follow- through students’ progress with less administrative work and reporting or other community projects which consume their time away from teaching;

c. Strengthening a culture which nurture harmonious relationships with co-teachers and team effort by, among others, using the Learning Action Cell (LAC) sessions  for  sharing ideas  and techniques; and

d. Encouraging professional and personal development of teachers.

The heroism of our teachers cannot be truly measured. The only only thing we can remember vividly in our education is that one great teacher who gave us her heart to learn and succeed.

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