Wanted: Mabubuting Magulang

5 June 2012

Navotas City held its 1st Parenting Seminar entitled, “Wanted: Mabubuting Magulang” on June 1, 2012, in the newly built youth center of the city government. The PMT invited all schools within the city to send parent-leaders who will in turn conduct parenting workshops in their communities.

The seminar was a major success as the parents shared the lessons they gained through the workshops and the sharing of Dr. Antonio Torralba, Synergeia Trustee. Dr. Torralba asked the parents to reflect on how they can develop a trusting relationship with their children.  He gave them an assignment to say “I love you” not only to their children but to their spouses.

The parent-leaders showed great determination by staying throughout the entire event despite the uncomfortable venue due to the intense heat and humidity. They showed their desire to learn and become better parents to their children by actively listening and participating in the discussions. They prioritized attendance to the workshop even though they had other things to do like household chores and errands.

An emotional moment in the seminar was an interview with children who were asked to describe their relationship with their parents.  A tearful child wished spending more time with her mother.    Another said she would be happy if her parents attended programs where she was a participant.

The seminar made an even bigger impact on the participants due to the presence of Mayor John Rey Tiangco. Mayor Tiangco did not only oversee the execution of the event but also joined in the group sharing and discussed parenting tips, strategies, and gave advice to the parents. The participants greatly appreciated the mayor’s genuine concern for their problems.  In closing, Mayor Tiangco talked about the importance of parenting through example. He emphasized that a child’s mind is like a sponge which will absorb everything that s/he sees.

Every parent handed a written commitment to the Mayor on the specific things that they will do to support their children in becoming better students.

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