The Gift of Knowledge

20 November 2013

Christmas came very early to the municipalities of San Nicolas and San Manuel in Pangasinan and Itogon in Benguet. Three months before December, the students within the three municipalities already received one of the best gifts anyone could give them.

The students received their provisions of new and locally developed workbooks for their English and Science classes. The workbooks were created to make the lessons and instructional materials more appropriate to the surroundings and environment of the children which means that they would be easier for them to understand. Providing children with their own workbooks also facilitate reading and writing because the children may use their workbooks at home to practice their lessons and/or do advance reading. The use of workbooks will also help their parents in getting involved with their school work by simply checking their workbooks to see what they are learning and in what areas they are good at or need assistance in.

The workbooks were  developed through the immense support of the San Roque Power Corporation (SRPC.   The launch was attended by the authors and editors of the workbooks as well as their students, their co-teachers, and representatives from the local DepEd Division office and SRPC. The three workbooks (Science and Health III, The World of Language and Reading, and Let’s Read, Think, Speak, and Write,) are intended for the use of students from Grades 2-3.

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