Support for Madaris Teachers in Datu Paglas

20 January 2023

Together, we make good things happen.That is exactly what Synergeia and Datu Paglas, Maguindanao did to elevate the capabilities of Madaris teachers to improve their ways of teaching peace and values. Within the Islamic framework of faith and beliefs, to their young pupils.Further educating the Madaris stewards for good, peace-loving and community-responsible Muslim citizenship, it facilitates the gradual embedding of a positive culture of peace, care and love within communities, starting with young minds, thus breaking the ascent of violent extremism in these areas. With the support of local leaders spearheaded by Mayor Abubakar “Toy” Paglas, there is increased possibility that peace and values education can be an effective way to create more peaceful and less conflicted areas in the South. Dr. Milwida Guevara, President and CEO of Synergeia, said that “the full attainment of peace can be a long process but by continuously working together to educate ourselves and learn from each other, we strengthen our force as Isang puso, Isang pamilya to address our challenges on peace, harmony and unity.”

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