Reinventing the Local School Board, Navotas City Style

5 June 2012

The composition of the LSB in Navotas City is truly multi-sectoral.  There are representatives from the business sector, private schools, faculty club presidents, and civil society organizations.  Meetings provide a venue for principals to air their concerns which are speedily addressed by Mayor John Rey Tiangco.  The meeting on May 11, 2012 tackled three priorities:  Brigada Eskwela, readiness for implementing K-12, and planning for the parents’ training program.

The principals requested the Mayor to encourage all the barangay councils to actively participate in refurbishing the schools in time for the opening of classes.  The Mayor asked the City Engineer to take note of the requests of principals for infrastructure so that they can be programmed and included in the budget.  The Principals took up the need to hire “extension teachers”, (i.e. teachers who are hired and financed by the Local School Board) and Mayor Tiangco asked them to prepare their proposals.  There were small needs, such as a request for fishing nets to protect the schools’ glass windows.  The business representatives voluntarily offered to provide the nets.

The Principals updated the Board with the training that was being undertaken by DEPED to orient the teachers on the K-12 curriculum.  They were mostly concerned on the need for a system so that instructional materials can be reproduced adequately for students and that teachers can be adequately supported in translating the curriculum into daily classroom activities.

The Board tackled policy matters with respect to the distribution of students among the different schools.  There are schools that are over-populated and schools with small classes.  The disparity is caused from the preference of parents to enrol their children in central schools.  The Superintendent was requested to help ensure equity in the distribution of students and in the quality of instruction.

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