Our Children, Ourselves

18 September 2013

Around 140 parent-leaders gathered together in Malabon’s City Hall for a workshop on becoming better parents on September 14, 2013. The training afforded parents with the opportunity to learn good parenting practices from one another. More importantly, the workshops helped parents realize how their actions and examples manifested themselves in their own children.

The participants discussed about their fears for their children. Many parents were afraid that their children will marry early, become addicted to vice, or have a falling out from the family. For many of the parents, these fears were rooted in their own mistakes when they were young. Only with the hindsight of adulthood did they realize what they should have done. It is with the wisdom of age that they believe that strict discipline and a strong relationship between parent and child can fight their fears.

The workshop allowed parents to realize their shortcomings. Parents resolved to become role models for their children, converse with their children openly instead of watching television, and know their children’s friends. All the parents wrote what they will do to become better parents and handed their cards to Mayor Len Oreta. The Mayor was celebrating his birthday and he told the parents that their commitment to become better is a wonderful gift.

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