Coffee For A Cause

18 January 2019

2Success, Inc., an IT company with some 200 employees, used to offer
free coffee to its employees to make them always awake and alert.  The
company eventually conceptualized a fund-raising activity with the aim
of developing the spirit of volunteerism among its employees.  They
launched their “coffee for a cause” project wherein coffee sales go to a
worthy cause.  From December 2017 to January 2019, proceeds from
2Success’ “coffee for a cause” project will benefit a school in San
Gabriel, La Union.  Initially, they will be donating a LCD projector to
a chosen school.  Ms. Camille Ocai, head of Administrative Group, met
with Synergeia to plan their visit to San Gabriel and to see how else
can they assist the school children in San Gabriel.

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