A Shout-out to all Teachers

8 September 2020

In celebration of teachers’ month, here’s a shout out to all the passionate and dedicated teachers in our country!   Synergeia salutes all teachers who mold the minds of tomorrow and encourage learning in all phases of life.

We fondly remember the role our teachers have played in shaping our lives.  We are grateful for their loving efforts in teaching our children and grandchildren.   We deeply appreciate their hard work and patience so that children can read and do their math well.  We know the sacrifices they endure with low pay and the long hours they put in to do their lesson plans.  We recognize their contributions not only within the vicinity of the school but to society as a whole.  Teachers are not only a backbone of society but are agents of change.  They mold us to be better students and better citizens of society as well.

Teachers’ month is a wonderful opportunity to be reminded of all the wonderful things our teachers are to all of us.  We salute all teachers who are much more than teachers in our lives – – they are our friend, mentor, guide, inspiration and role-model.   Thank you from our hearts. 

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