A Conversation and a Conference

13 August 2021

Before the pandemic, education in the Philippines had already reached a precarious level.  Filipino students ranked last in the Program of International Assessment (PISA) test in reading.  In mathematics, our students ranked second from the last. In science, our students were at 71st position out of 79 countries.  Filipino students have the lowest IQ in the ASEAN, lower than their counterparts in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

The situation may have worsened because of the absence of face-to-face learning. This conference brings together major stakeholders in education:  representatives from government, both from the central and local levels, school heads, teachers, parents, community organizations, CSOs, and most especially, the students.  They will reflect and   look back at year that was past—–see how has the education system stepped up to meet the challenges in basic education that were brought about by COVID-19?  The results of their new experiences in learning will be evaluated based on data and reflections by Local Chief Executives, DepEd representative, teachers and students.  These will serve as springboards in summarizing best practices, lessons learned and difficulties that remain to be hurdled.

The conference is likewise devoted to visioning and re-imagining what education and the process of learning should be in a world after COVID.  What transformation, new systems, and new ways of collaboration are called for? 

The results of the conference can inspire new modalities, and radical, if not realistic thinking.   The pandemic highlighted weaknesses in basic education that the country has failed to address: equity, retention, and quality.  What are the x, y, z factors that will enable students to defy gravity?

Join our partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung as we reflect and look back at the year that was past. What was the impact of COVID-19 on student learning? Then let us re-imagine what basic education and the process of learning should be in a world after COVID.

Participation in the event is FREE. We only request everyone who will attend to kindly register at https://bit.ly/2W6Xb75

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