Jesse Robredo’s Governance in Education

Jesse’s Way

1. Family first. You can never invite him during periodical examinations of his daughter. He is the one who tutors them especially in math. He goes home every day to have lunch with the family.

2. It’s ok not to conform. In a conference in Washington, he was comfortable loafing around the hotel in his Chinese slippers.

3. Speak your mind out. He did not hesitate to speak his mind out even if his ideas can be unpopular or contradicted “the ideas of his friends.” He did this to me several times. First, when he opposed my endorsement of a program in Bicol saying that the program needs to mature. Second, when he told me that it is about time we establish partnership with central DepED (knowing my aversion to dealing with bureaucrats and political appointees.

Jesse Robredo, Mayors and Synergeia Partners

For the first time, Secretary Robredo was on time. He rallied the Mayors and Synergeia partners to follow the road leading to transparency, accountability, and participatory management in the way education is delivered.