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EdGE School Governing Council Workshop

Here are presentations used during our EdGE SGC workshop.

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Address of Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin, President Ateneo de Manila University, and Chairman, Synergeia Foundation to Synergeia Partners, 9th National Education Summit

Before this Summit, I only had little knowledge of the work that local governments have been doing in education. I had heard of the role of local school boards in transforming education when I was still at Xavier University in CDO and from the involvement of our faculty in some areas of the ARMM. My familiarity was really limited to the Synergeia Trustees’ meeting. Even so, I havealready been impressed with the significant strides being made in certain localities like Saranggani or Valenzuela. I had a deep appreciation of your work knowing that education is not yet fully devolved to local governments and that it remains the responsibility of central government. It is thus heartening to know that local chief executives and local officials have embraced the mission of ensuring that ALL children in your communities complete basic education. Simple lang naman ang layunin: ang makatapos ang ating kabataan ng kanilang pag-aaral. Tulad ng Kagawaran ng Edukasyon, pinagkaabalahan ninyo na rin ang partisipasyon at pagtatapos ng mga bata. Ginawa niyo na ring batayan ng tagumpay ng inyong pagsisikap ang achievement scores ng ating kabataan sa reading, mathematics at science.

9th National Education Summit Presentations

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